Most businesses, whether big or small, have that one person or several people who are invaluable to the business, and whose input is significant to the well-being of the businesses. To a business, the loss of such an important person can have adverse effects on the entire business, to an extent of its closure. Key man insurance is a type of insurance cover that businesses purchase for their key invaluable employees. The insurance provider pays expenses and losses that a business incurs due to the temporary or permanent absence of the insured. Some insurance covers may be arranged in such a way that the payments are made to the insured.


How key person cover works

The loss of invaluable staffs can bring a business to a screeching halt. To mitigate losses and expenses, as well as ensure business continuity, in the event of temporary or permanent absence of key men, businesses buy insurance covers that ensure the key input and security of a business are guaranteed. In the event of temporary incapacitation of the insured key man, or death of such a person, the insurance provider gives the business money to cover temporary replacement of the invaluable people and or recruit permanent replacement of the key person. The payout may also be used to pay debts, securities/ collateral and possible lost earnings/ opportunities arising from the absence of the key person from the business. The amount the insurance provider pays out depends on a number of factors including the policy bought by the business, premium contributions, and the nature of the incident that caused the absence of the insured person from the business.


Key man insurance quotes

Seeing that most businesses have recognized the role that key persons play in their businesses' success and continuity, and the benefits of insuring such personnel, most businesses seek to get key man insurance that benefits them without costing them too much money. There are many insurance providers offering this cover to desiring clients in the United Kingdom. Some of these insurance providers advertise their services on television, prints, radio, social networks and other platforms. Businesses should get as many key person insurance quotes from as many insurance providers as possible. Comparison of several quotes helps potential insurance buyers compare insurers' terms and pay out, among other factors, before buying one policy over others.


Key man insurance online

Thanks to the Internet, many of these insurance providers can be found on the World Wide Web. Some companies not only have their information scattered over several UK and world wide websites, but they also run their own websites from where they can issue key person insurance online. The advantages of online quotes are that clients can get the quotes instantly by contacting the companies on the provided platforms. Conducting online search for key man insurance providers saves potential buyers time and expenses. Besides, some websites save potential key person cover seekers the trouble of perusing single insurance provider' information by providing a list of the top listed companies, or comparing quotes from various insurance providers.



Businesses can secure their welfare in anticipated absence of their key people by insuring the people whose contribution is invaluable to the business. Pay outs for such covers can help a business cater for the temporary replacement costs of the key people and or pay other expenses and debts that arise from the absence of the key people. All businesses should get and assess various key man insurance quotes from various companies to ensure they get the best deal. Some of the quotes can even be gotten online; from the websites of the insurance providers.